Frp Cooling Tower

  • The body of the tower is made of FRP (fiber reinforced plastic), and its surface is bonded by gel coat resin, it has characteristics of aging-resistant, corrosion resistant and beauitful and smooth surface etc.
  • The motor is the special motor which can be used outdoor, it has energy saving, high efficiency etc property, the speed reducer is the special used for the cooling tower.
  • The filler is new type and high efficiency, it has characteristics of water distribution is uniform, small wind resistance and high temprature resistant etc.
  • The steel support adopts advanced galvanization process, it has excellent corrosion resistant property.

Product introduction

Square cross flow cooling tower adopt both sides air inlet, near top fan, so that the air through the both sides packing, media exchange with hot water, then wet hot air discharged to out of the tower. Packing uses wave plate with convex points both surface. through the mounting head makes wave plate bonded into a whole, to improve the rigidity. the convex points on both sides can also avoid direct drop, so as to improve the water film forming ability, collecting arranged at tail part of the packing.

Square counter flow cooling tower is a new energy saving product designed by fourth design and Research Institute of the Ministry of machinery industry. Applied its "energy-saving glass steel cooling tower" patent, especially the cooling tower fan with variable torque from the pole double speed motor, when the temperature is low (e.g. night), motor open low speed, cooling tower noise can be 3-5dB (A) lower.

This double speed motor has significant energy saving, after calculation, a plurality of cooling tower with single speed motor, though part of motor can be stoped to saving electricity when air wet bulb low humidity , but compared with double speed motor, also power consumption larger, arround 40% (in year).

This product has applied the patent "square counter flow cooling tower with oblique trapezoid wave packing sheet", by the Beijing academy and Foshan real tower test, the thermal and resistance properties are superior to other fillers. Motor, fan also supplyaccoringly, the factory send staff to guide the field installation or technology.

Gas heat exchange technology is adopted for round Count flow type FRP cooling tower. Good modified PVC wave sheet is used as packing to extend the water drenching area. Uniform water distribution is realized by rotating water distributing method, and cooling effect is increased.