Frp Pipes

Frp pipes

The FRP pipe is consist of inner layer, Structural layer and outer layer. Its characteristics are:
1. Lightweight, high strength and high stiffness, its density is 1.5-1.9, equals one fifth of steel pipe, one fourth of cast steel pipe and three fourth of pretensioned concrete pipe(PCP).
2. Corrosion-resistant property. The Corrosion-resistant property of FRP pipe is mainly relied on the inner resin, and it can be selected based on the condition of the media.
3. Good hydraulic property. The inner surface of the FRP pipe is very smooth, its friction coefficient (f) is 0.000915 after performed the relative testing, the water conservancy factor (c) can be kept within 145 and 150 during a long period.
4. health property. For the pipe which be used for transporting the potable water, the food grade resin will be used. It has been approved by the relative national sanitary authority.
5. Shock resistance. It won’t  occur delamination and cracking under the condition of deformation of 25%.
6. Abrasive resistance. The inner surface is made of one kind of resin with good abrasive resistance, so it can improve the abrasive resistant property of the FRP pipe.
7. Low temperature resistant property. There will not be cracking or strength decline under the condition of -40°C.
8. Environmental adaptability. It can be used for different kind of environment, such as beach, under/above ground  river, mountain area, marshland, desert and plain etc.