Polymer Concret Cell


FRP electrolytic cell is a common anti-corrosive equipment used in nonferrous smelting industry. It is suitable for wet smelting of lead, zinc, copper, manganese, bismuth, silver and other non-ferrous metals. Because of its good anti-corrosion and impermeability, good integrity, strong impact resistance, light weight, high hardness of inner surface, high finish and not easy to exist scaling, it is the first choice of electrolytic equipment in wet smelting process.

The electrolytic tank is made of modified vinyl ester resin and high-quality quartz sand, integral pouring molding at specific temperature. Include anti-corrosion layer, structural layer, and outer surface layer.


Product features:

Good anti-corrosion and impermeability.

Good integrity.

Light weight.

High smooth of inner surface.

Good insulation performance.

Long service life.