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CESE (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., our company mainly provides various forms of FRP storage tanks, FRP desulphurizing tower, deodorizing tower, FRP process pipe, FRP gas collecting cover and arch cover for sewage tank, and other products such as non-standard FRP fittings, and also can provide a complete set of engineering package and technical services for power plant and boiler equipment, urban domestic sewage purification, acid recycling project of acid pickling line in cold rolling mill, wastewater treatment of galvanizing plant and so on.

CESE has qualification for import and export rights, and has provided thousands of cooling tower accessories for the JFE steel plant in Japan - FRP window-blinds, FRP angle bars and packing brackets, etc.; exports large-capacity FRP storage tanks to the Middle East, the United States, Mexico and other countries.

The company has provided pickling tank cover, pickling pipe and stack for the cold rolling workshop of ShougangJingtang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., and provided FRP new acid tank, waste acid tank and acid gas absorption system for Tianjin Jianglin Technology Co., Ltd. , and has provided large FRP cooling towers and acid tanks for HebeiLantian Steel Sheet Co., Ltd.

Our Main Products

  1. FRP storage tank: HCl storage tank, PAC storage tank, flocculant storage tank, dosing tank, agitator tank and various volumes horizontal FRP storage tanks, etc.
  2. FRP process pipe: seawater desalination pipe, FRP spray pipe, FRP ventilation pipe, galvanized ventilation duct and ventilation system, sewer pipe and flange, elbow, tee, reducer fittings, etc.
  3. FRP tower equipment: FRP desulfurizing tower, biological deodorizing tower, purification tower, washing tower, alkali washing tower, packing tower, etc.
  4. Plastic and FRP composite equipment: PVC/FRP PP/FRP PVDF/FRP and other composite FRP storage tanks and tower equipment.
  5. Non-standard equipment: FRP pickling tank cover, FRP sewage tank cover, gas collecting cover, etc.
  6. Technical services: cooling tower maintenance, factory pipe removal and installation, sewage equipment operation guidance.

Adhering to the principle of "clear water, blue sky, harmony between human and nature", CESE company is committed to environmental protection We are willing to provide customers with high quality and reliable products and comprehensive services to create a better future.


Meet the Team

See Below to Know more about our Team


Mr. Sang

GM and Builder of CESE, Sang begin work in GRP industry line from year 2001. He has worked at a very famous GRP factory, from project manager, sales manager to branch company manager. With nearly 20 years of experience, he is very familiar with GRP used in different line, and will provide good product and same good service!


Merry Zhao

Foreign business manager of CESE, Merry begin working in GRP foreign trading from 2008, same in KNT factory. And during the past ten years, has received many foreign client visiting, help them understand our company, and cooperate with us successfully. Merry will help you as a friend. Any help, call me…



Jenny Liu

Jenny started her work as a translator in KNT foreign trading department from 2010 graduated from college. Jenny has followed up many foreign project and translated for the foreign inspectors and visitors. Jenny is familiar with the export process of GRP product, will glad to do this job and waiting here for any help.

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