Gre Pipes


Grp pipe

1, It has excellent mechanical & physical properties, light weight, high strength, convenient transportation and installation.

2, Good corrosion resistant, the formation in one time, it can be used under severe environmental condition, and its service life can be up to 50 years.

3, Good low temperature resistant, it can be used under the environmental condition of -45℃~120℃, and its service life can be up to 50 years.

4, Good high pressure resistant, the range of the normal operation pressure is 2.5Mpa-3.5Mpa.

5, Smooth inner surface, its roughness coefficient is 0.0048, good conveying, and no fouling, no secondary pollution, decrease the cost of the running & maintenance.

6, the length of one piece pipe is 12m, less joint, less leakage point.


  • Diameter:38mm-200mm
  • Pressure Class:5Mpa-32Mpa
  • Length of single pipeDN250L=6m、DN250L=12m, the length also can be made according to the requirement of the use.

Connection type

Adopt screw connection, it is simple & fast, high strength and good reliability.


Pipe line: Brine, water and crude oil conveying pipeline, polymer solution conveying line, crude oil and natural gas conveying pipeline, industrial sewage and waster water treatment pipeline, etc.

Pipe for well: living well (oil gas, terrestrial heat water), treatment well( brine, chemical sewage, waster water), affusion well( brine, CO2, polymer).