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FRP pipe is a lightweight, high-strength, corrosion-resistant non-metallic pipe. It is a glass fiber with resin-based weight...

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Polymer Concrete Cell

FRP electrolytic cell is a common anti-corrosive equipment used in nonferrous smelting industry.

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FRP storage tank is one of the FRP products, which is mainly made of glass fiber as reinforcing agent and resin as adhesive.

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Potash Fertilizer Plant

we can supply Mannheim Process Potassium Sulfate (K2SO4) technology and whole set equipment

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Mainly used on industrial backwash cooling towers and hyperbolic lines cement cooling tower

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It has excellent mechanical & physical properties, light weight, high strength, convenient transportation and installation.

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About Us


CESE (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., our company mainly provides various forms of FRP storage tanks, FRP desulphurizing tower, deodorizing tower, FRP process pipe, FRP gas collecting cover and arch cover for sewage tank, and other products such as non-standard FRP fittings, and also can provide a complete set of engineering package and technical services for power plant and boiler equipment, urban domestic sewage purification, acid recycling project of acid pickling line in cold rolling mill, wastewater treatment of galvanizing plant and so on.

CESE has qualification for import and export rights, and has provided thousands of cooling tower accessories for the JFE steel plant in Japan - FRP window-blinds, FRP angle bars and packing brackets, etc.; exports large-capacity FRP storage tanks to the Middle East, the United States, Mexico and other countries.

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GRP pipe packed for delivery


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What Our Clients Say ....
Mr. Darlington
Mr. DarlingtonNigeria Juneng Ltd , Nigeria
CESE Team is very professional and friendly, and hospitable. I’d like to do business with CESE
Mr. Neil
Mr. NeilFrom Tatar
Technicians from Jielian company are doing an outstanding job. They are professional, through teamwork and communication,they get the job done correctly. I’m deeply impressed.
Mr. Naser
Mr. NaserDUBAI National copper industry, Dubai
The polymer concrete cells CESE manufactured is very good quality, we have bought 3 batches of them. And I enjoy my stay in China during inspection.
Mr. Konstantin
Mr. KonstantinKhabarovsk, Russia
We bought GRP pipes from CESE for our project in Khabarovsk, the pipes has passed our test, quality is very good.
Mr. Wang
Mr. WangSunwell Technology INC , Canada
CESE has supplied many GRP tanks for our project located in different countries all over of the world. We cooperate with them from year 2010 and always smoothly. I believe their product and service.

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